We welcome children of all abilities. Respect for diversity, equity and inclusion is vital for optimal development and learning. Staff will support children to enhance their learning experience.
Creating environments that support children’s ability to deal with stress and remain calm, alert and ready to learn. Staff will encourage self-regulation by teaching them different ways to express their emotions in a safe environment.
We recognize that are children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious and rich in potential. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed and should feel that they belong and that they are a valuable contributor to their surroundings.
Member of hi mama!

hi mama Engage parents with digital daily sheets, pictures, videos and educational information.

Our center provides the following services

Learning through play

Enables children to investigate, ask questions and engage in critical thinking

Education Services

Registered Early Childhood Educators, and Licensed by the Ministry of Education

Toys and Games

Encourages exploration, play and inquiry

hi mama

Sharing your child’s experiences and activities, and enhances better communication with our parents

Love and Care

Positive and responsive interactions in a nurturing environment

Physical Activity

Active indoor and outdoor play to challenge skills and abilities


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