Explore Our Ancaster Curriculum Goals at Village Treehouse Childcare

Our curriculum approach at the Village Treehouse Childcare supports the core principles of Ontario’s Early Learning Framework as described in the Early Learning for Every Child Today.

Our child initiated curriculum with goals for children’s learning and development impacts on the quality of early childhood settings. It begins with an informed understanding of what children are capable of learning and how they learn effectively.

It has specific goals for children that support self-regulation (behaviour, emotion and attention), identity, social inclusion, health and well-being, language and thinking skills, and physical skills, as well as the foundation knowledge and concepts needed for literacy and numeracy.

Using a strength-based approach to programming, the classroom teachers do regular observations and document the children’s skills and activities. Based on that information, they focus on emerging skills and use the child’s interest to engage them in fun play and activities that will facilitate the skill development. Teachers refer to the Continuum of Development to track each child’s development and to select new goals. With a thorough understanding of each child and the children’s interests, the program falls into place.