Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy.

At the Village Treehouse we strongly believe in nurturing your child’s unique qualities and potential by providing an age-appropriate environment that allows him or her to grow and explore at the pace that fits most comfortably. The staff at the Village Treehouse is specially trained to put into practice a developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to encourage growth, fun, and friendships in of our classrooms. Village Treehouse programs recognize that every child in an individual.

We support families through meaningful partnerships to ensure that each child thrives in an environment designed to promote physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Our supervisor, director and staff of the Village Treehouse Childcare subscribe to a philosophy of creating a safe, healthy and stimulating environment that encourages children to be exposed to a variety of learning experiences, helping them to prepare for the future.

Our program is developed through careful observation, conversation and reflection, and our curriculum is developed in collaboration with and in response to the children. Since it emerges from their interests, it is engaging and encourages them to explore their world. The teachers provide guidance and meaningful learning opportunities that emerge from their interests, curiosities and developing skills.

Child-initiated, teacher-supported play is an important component of our program as it creates an engaging learning environment. Open and regular communication among parents, teachers and management helps to ensure a full and successful program for all children. With this philosophy in mind, our program helps each child reach their full potential.