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Early Childhood Educators

We value our Early Childhood Educators at the Village Treehouse Childcare and we consider them our greatest asset. Our teachers bring with them substantial experience, training and knowledge in the field of early childhood education. Their personal qualities of passion, energy, patience, kindness, positive interactions and warmth creates a sense of well-being for our children and families. Our staff foster thoughtfulness and caring by listening to children and by encouraging them to listen to others and share ideas. They take the time to engage children in the process of resolving problems and conflicts. They are genuine and responsive to children and families. Our teachers engage with children as co-learners as they explore their environments.

The Village Treehouse Childcare employs responsive Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) who are registered members of the College of Early Childhood Educators. All staff are required to successfully complete a Criminal Reference Check with a Vulnerable Sector Screen upon hiring. All staff are also certified in First Aid and Infant and Child CPR and Trained in Anaphylaxis.

ToddlersJunior PreschoolSenior PreschoolManagerial StaffOther Staff
Miss. Brittany

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Miss Rosanne

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Mrs Lydian

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Mr. Kurt

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Miss Amelia

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Miss Kaylee

Assistant Supervisor, Registered Early Childhood Educator

Miss Ashleigh

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Mrs. Naia

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Miss Maya

Early Childhood Assistant

Shirley McCoy

Director, Registered Early Childhood Educator, AECEO,C.

Stephanie Randles

Supervisor, Registered Early Childhood Educator

Miss Candice Wood

Cook, Food Handlers Certificate

Miss Brooke

Supply/Float Assistant

Village Treehouse Childcare strives for excellence by encouraging and supporting staff development and to keep current with the latest research in best practices for early childhood education.

Our Early Childhood Educators are committed to continuous professional leaning through the College of Early Childhood Educator’ framework. They reflect, plan and document their professional learning. Our energetic and knowledgeable educators are well trained and attend numerous professional development workshops and seminars throughout the year. Continuous learning helps to enhance their knowledge and skills and to ensure we are providing ongoing high quality for the children and families we serve.

Our cook is also a valuable part of our program. Our cook has her Food Handlers Certificate as well as the supervisor and director. Our cook assists in planning our menus and daily prepares the nutritious and well balanced meals and snacks each day. She is knowledgeable about all children who have food allergies and food restrictions in our child care. She takes care in reading all labels and plans our meals accordingly. Our cook also attends professional development regarding nutrition, meal planning and other related topics to ensure we are offering the best for the children we serve.

Our staff are rich in experiences, competent and capable individuals that collaborate with others to create engaging environments and experiences that foster positive interactions and encouraging ongoing communication among children while keeping in mind their ability to self-regulate and individual needs.

The success of any childcare program relies on the strength and innovation of its staff, and ours is exceptional! They are dedicated and committed to providing your child with the best care and education while supporting each family in their role.