Stephanie Randles

Our Supervisor, Stephanie Randles R.ECE

I grew up in Ancaster and always knew about Village Treehouse. When my family drove down Wilson Street we would keep an eye out to what was new on the sign out front.

I went to Sheridan College and graduated from the Early Childhood Education program in May of 2003. Since then I have worked with children 14 months to 12 years of age. Over the years I have met amazing parents, children and professionals in the field. I have learned a lot over my years in this line of work and continue to be a life long learner. I attend many workshops to be up to date on the latest information and trends within the Early Childhood field. I hope to share my knowledge on How Does Learning Happen and play based learning with the staff and families of Village Treehouse.

I trust in children’s curiosity and encourage them to follow where things lead. I feel providing children with challenges and obstacles teaches children strategies and skills they can use throughout their life. The process is always more important than the product. Every activity does not need to have a beautiful, neat ending. I believe creativity is full of loose ends and the messier the better. I feel that as an Early Childhood Educator I am responsible for providing children with positive learning experiences. I strive to model respect, patience and care for the children and adults I come in contact with. Children are motivated to learn when they have opportunities to make choices in an environment that is enriching and stimulating. Children are curious and have a desire to learn from their environment and those around them. When children are encouraged to interact with their peers and adults in positive wats, they feel safe to explore their surroundings. As a teacher, I seek to guide children from needing assistance with a take to accomplishing a task independently. My experiences working in the Early Childhood field has given me the opportunities to develop skills that allow me to develop connections with both the children and their families. My warm welcoming and responsive personality assists in building lasting connections.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my cats, listening to and collecting vinyl albums and hanging out with my nephew Harrison. I especially love this quote from Jean Clinton ‘Every child deserves to have someone’s eyes light up when they enter the room.’ I hope that the families of Village Treehouse know how excited we are when each child arrives for the day.

Stephanie Randles
RECE, Program Supervisor