Toddler Program.

Toddler Program (15 months – 30 months)

Toddler Programs typically start at 18 months however we are able to accept children that are younger than 18 months as long as they are walking. Another note would be that the children are entering a Toddler program not entering an Infant program.

We have 2 Toddler classrooms on our main level. We are a Reggio inspired centre and follow the children’s lead in regards to the activities we do and the materials available to the children.

We provide activities and add new toys/materials based on the interest of the children.

We have a great playground and spend time outdoors as much as we can. We are a rain or shine school and go out in all types of weather. This is inclusive of our Toddlers as well.

For our Toddler program we have two rooms, a Junior Toddler Room which can have 5 children and 1 staff member and a Senior Toddler Room which can have 15 children with 3 staff.

We provide a morning and afternoon snack and also lunch. The children have rest time from 12:30 – 2:30. We use an app called Brightwheel which allows staff to send you pictures of your child as well as send you messages. At the end of the day you receive a report stating meals, how long your child slept, along with the pictures and what the children are up to during the day. This app also allows parents to connect to the teachers through email. You are connected directly to your child’s teachers to ask questions and to have conversations.

Please note that for our Toddler program we only take children on a full time basis. You are welcome to check us out on Facebook to gain more insight into what our centre is all about.